We currently offer the following types of advertising:

  • Banner advertisement • Max size: 720×80 • Desktop + Mobile.
  • Sidebar advertisement • Max size: 300×300 • Desktop users.
  • Link advertisement • Desktop + Mobile.

Visibility explanation

This is how users will see your advertisement.

  • Banner advertisement • will be shown on all pages. It can be purchased inside footer (bottom page) or header (top page).
  • Sidebar advertisement • Will be shown to desktop users and homepage only.
  • Link advertisement • Links will be shown constantly in footer to desktop + mobile users on all pages.

Prices & Contact

  • Header (top page) banner advertisement price • 2500 per week.
  • Footer (bottom page) banner advertisement price • 1250 per week.
  • Sidebar (homepage – right side) banner advertisement price • 1250 per week.
  • Link advertisement (bottom page) price • Rs 2500 per year.

Prices are debatable for Universities and Colleges.
Free ad service for awareness and social service activities.

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